Progas is a distributor for fire protection systems Proteng®. We are exclusive distributor in Slovenia. PROTENG® is a patented automatic fire suppression system. It is completely self-contained and is heat-activated.


Automatic gas fire extinguisher

Automatic gas fire extinguisher is used for fire protection in enclosed areas. 

System installation

It can be installed in areas where there is a risk of fire... engine areas (cars, buses, trucks, heavy machinery), fuse boxes, telecommunication areas, computers, server rooms, transformators and other.

Automatical activation

In case of a fire the system activates itself automatically and suppresses the fire in its first 10 seconds. Used to effectively suppress fires of flammable solid and liquid fuels, electrical components before it comes to bigger material and economic losses


  • Nuclear Power plant (Slovakia-Mochovce and Jaslovské Bohunice, Russia-Kalininskaja)
  • North Atlantic alliance NATO
  • Army (Slovakian army etc.)
  • Police (Bahrain etc.)
  • Storage of petroleum and gas (Slovakia-Transgas Nitra, Nafta Gbely etc.)
  • Public transport (Slovakia-Bratislava, Hungary-Budapest etc.)
  • Bus manufacturer (Poland-Solaris)
  • Banks (J&T etc.)


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