Ensure fire safety

PROTENG® is a patented fully automatic fire extinguishing system that is activated by direct contact with flames or exposure to heat radiation.

Progas d.o.o. is on the Slovenian market the exclusive distributor for automatic fire extinguishing systems PROTENG®.


Automatic fire suppression system

PROTENG is a patented automatic fire extinguisher system activated by direct contact with flames or exposure to high heat.

System installation
The fire extinguishing system is installed in areas where there is a risk of fire. The design allows easy and flexible assembly of the system.
Automatic activation

In the event of a fire, the hose system softens and cracks under the influence of heat. This is followed by a dispersion of the extinguishing medium into the protection space and instantaneous fire extinguishing. Suitable for Class A, B, C fires.


  • Nuclear Power plant (Slovakia-Mochovce and Jaslovské Bohunice, Russia-Kalininskaja)
  • North Atlantic alliance NATO
  • Army (Slovakian army etc.)
  • Police (Bahrain etc.)
  • Storage of petroleum and gas (Slovakia-Transgas Nitra, Nafta Gbely etc.)
  • Public transport (Slovakia-Bratislava, Hungary-Budapest etc.)
  • Bus manufacturer (Poland-Solaris)
  • Banks (J&T etc.)


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